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India has emerged out as the unrivalled ruler as far as quality, inexpensive healthcare is concerned. Medical tourists travelling to the country receive superlative health care services in the most distinguished hospitals that are dotted in all the major cities such as Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. The most popular medical treatments that lure people to book for tickets to India include liver replacements, heart surgery, and orthopedic solutions. In India these treatments are almost 70% cheaper than that of other urbanized countries. Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and Apollo are the most sought-after hospitals for performing such medical procedures. These hospitals feature all the modern facilities along with a team of highly skilled doctors. Medical tourists have been widely popular in India for years now. People from all over the world visit India and not only for its beautiful scenery and to immerse in the unique culture, but also to embrace their medical expertise that are in the same caliber as those in the United States, Canada and Europe.

When done properly, peer review is an important process that helps hospitals and their doctors ensure consistent, high quality patient treatment. Hospitals can identify at-risk physicians; physicians can help improve quality of care for patients. Why is this process so difficult? It's simple - hospital politics, economic advantage and personalities.

Many hospitals, today, are turning to Independent Review Organizations (IRO) to aid in fixing their peer review process. An IRO serves as an objective third party that can provide hospital peer reviews based upon medical evidence and improve the fairness of the process for both physicians and the hospital.

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